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So you want to create visual content?

That’s what all of our students want. They are ambitious, passionate, and creative. We’re sure you can relate. Your dream of using visual storytelling to express yourself is not out of reach. You deserve to have the career you’ve always wanted.

the problem is…

this isn’t an industry you just stumble into. it requires skills, connections, and time to be truly professional in this industry. all things that will take 3x as long to develop on your own.

2o+ Years of Educating Filmmakers

Compass College of Cinematic Arts has been training film makers in grand rapids, mi since 1997. What started as a few informal sessions has turned into a fully accredited associates and bachelors program.

110 Years of Experience

Our faculty have accrued 110 years of collective experience in Film and Digital Media. That’s means their wealth of knowledge transfers to you.

33 Awards and counting

Alumni and faculty have been recognized time and again for their films. 3 Emmy Awards and 30 Telly Awards show how committed they are to their craft.

10:1 Student to Faculty Ratio

Having small class sizes means our faculty get to pour everything they have into your development. It feels less like teaching and more like mentoring.

You’ve Seen Our Alumni’s Projects

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