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January 24, 2019

Student Thesis Film Auditions!

(GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Feb. 5th and 7th, 2019)—Senior Film Students at Compass College of Cinematic Arts are casting for their upcoming Senior Thesis film.

By appointment and open auditions will be held February 5th and 7th from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Compass College of Cinematic Arts located at 41 Sheldon Blvd. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.  Auditions will consist of a cold reading. Actors should supply a headshot, and acting resume if possible. Talent must be available for production varying times from February 21-24, 2019.

Casting Call

Casting Notice: Short Film


Production Title: Baggage
Production Location: Greater Grand Rapids Area
School Website: Compass.edu
Director: Paul Morisette
Producer: Zachary Righetti
Compensation: Main roles paid and everyone will receive a copy of the film in
their format of choice.
Audition Location: Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Address: 41 Sheldon Blvd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Auditions: By appointment or open auditions on February 5th and 7th from
4:30PM to 8:30 PM.
Email: zach.righetti@compass.edu
Shooting Start Date: February 21
Shooting End Date: February 24
*With possible pick up dates in March if needed*

Synopsis: “Baggage” follows the story of a young woman, Rose, on the run who
hitches a ride with a stranger. As the tension rises, Rose becomes suspicious of
the man, Edward, when she discovers something mysterious in the backseat of
his car.

Rose, Female, Age 20-30
A young woman still haunted by her past. Tough, yet scared, Rose fights for
everything over the course of the short film.

Edward, Male, Age 25-40
An odd man who’s driving to visit his estranged daughter. Nervous, shifty and
always seems on edge, we’re not entirely sure how to feel about him.

Waitress (Linda), Female, Age 20-60
A friendly waitress who works at the diner that Rose stumbles into.

Dept. Bassett, Male, Age 30-50
Professional and serious and also suspicious of Rose. A regular at the diner.

*Smaller additional roles also available*