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Stories in Film: Joshua Nadler

Students meeting with Joshua Nadler during the 2018 L.A. Industry Trip on the Sony lot

Last week we had our first Stories in Film webinar with Joshua Nadler, head of Acquisitions for Sony's Affirm Films (faith division).  Compass faculty, staff, and students joined him in this exclusive conversation about starting a career in the industry and what stories sell.  Joshua started out at Twentieth Television and joined Sony Pictures in 2008.  Later, he was asked to help run the newly created faith based film division called Affirm Films.  Joshua has been working in that space ever since.

During our conversation with Joshua he shared some key insights into how to begin your career and what kind of projects sell.

nadler 1

1. Be professional and have work ethic

Showing up on time, showing kindness to others because you never know who they may become, and showing accountability are all key assets when starting your career.  Treating people with kindness is a great way to walk out your faith and people take note.  Your next project leader will check with your previous boss about you.  Make sure they have nothing but great things to say.

2. Understand the business

Each new project is like a new start up company.  Having a deep knowledge base of how business contracts work, how to create and manage a budget, and strong entrepreneurial skills will help you develop financial stability.

3. create a story with theatrical potential

Studios like Affirm Films are looking for projects that belong on a big screen.  Joshua noted that true stories have beeen very successful for them.  A lesson for aspiring writers or creators is to make sure the story you are telling has something unique and compelling that demands to be seen on a screen.

We want to thank Joshua for his great insights into the industry.  Joshua is just the first of many guest speakers we will have in the coming weeks.  If you would like to be invited to these webinars please contact us.  We are very honored to have these exclusive, candid conversations from people who have made it in our industry.  Check back soon for the next speaker.

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