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Stories in Film: John Tinker

Our Stories in Film series continues with Executive Producer John Tinker.  John has had a storied career creating memorable, award winning shows like Judging Amy.  He has served as producer on hits like St. ElsewhereThe Practice, and recently developed Chesapeake Shores for Hallmark, which became its number one show.  John spoke to us about how he has kept his faith through many trials of the industry.

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Now's the Time

As we have heard from every professional, audiences are craving great stories.  This includes the audience looking for family drama based content which John specializes in.  This genre gives him the freedom to express his faith and ask deep questions of his audience, "It is a very exciting time to enter this business ... everything is new the platforms, the technology, it's making it far more easier to write produce and air those projects."

Stand your ground

The path to success will not be easy.  John reflected on many incidents when his faith was challenged by studio heads and crew members.  Staying grounded in his faith has sometimes been costly, "You’re gonna take a lot of heat for what you believe, and its going to be costly."  In these moments it is crucial to remember we as believers serve a higher calling and that God has us.  John summed it up perfectly, "If you can armor up and just remember who your God is and who you serve, he’s got you in the palm of his hand and its going to be okay."

Be ready to sell

Always be prepared to pitch your idea in a clear, decisive way.  Shows can be won and lost in a pitch meeting according to John.  It you can't get the idea across in a five minute pitch or in a longer meeting in fifteen to twenty minutes then you got more work to do.  Be upfront about what genre your show is and your intentions for it.  Have materials ready to show executives.  Nobody is going to buy a half baked idea.  They want to see that you have a passion for this show and the story you want to tell.

The time is now for us to storm the castle of media content.  There is opportunity with all the various platforms out there to find an under served audience.  Young creators need to prepare themselves to get up each day and fight for their ideas.  A big thank you to John for speaking with us.

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