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Seniors and Alumni on Compass College

Compass College is dedicated to seeing our students grow into creative, empowered storytellers by the time they graduate.  Often that means where you start is not always where you finish.

It's not enough to just learn the skills and take the industry by storm.  You have to be hungry and dedicated to your craft.  Professionals from different corners of the industry take notice of our graduates' work ethic and deep skillset they bring to set.  One of the best things about Compass is our community shares that love of creation.  Students form lasting relationships that will help them grow as storytellers and give them a place to belong.

5 things alumni love about compass

  1. Caring faculty that can give focused attention to students
  2. Great place to meet fellow creatives like you, and push your skills
  3. Safe place to experiment with professional gear and develop your voice
  4. Amazing internship opportunities
  5. Leave prepared to have a thriving career as a visual storyteller

We want to help you take the first step in your filmmaking journey.  So click the link below and we will see you on campus!

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