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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

in Cinematic and Media Arts (120 credit hours)

Visual storytelling is a powerful resource in today’s multimedia environment.

From feature films to news broadcast to online streaming, and marketing, millions of people turn to their screens for information and entertainment each day. As a result, there is a growing demand for artists with the talent to create impactful stories for every industry. Compass College of Cinematic Arts recognizes this need and teaches the art of film and digital media production with a story-centric, hands-on method that will best prepare you for a career. Throughout the program, you’ll use professional film equipment and new digital technology as you navigate the production process from script to screen on countless projects. In fact, you’ll spend more than 400 hours on film sets … in just your first year. In the classroom, you’ll learn from industry professionals who teach the art of storytelling and the business of it. Our class sizes are small, so you’ll get the feedback you need to hone your craft and enter the industry with confidence. Additionally, with access to Compass’ A-list Hollywood advisory board, on-campus networking events, and annual trips to major film markets, you can begin building connections while in college.


in Cinematic and Media Arts (60 credit hours)

The AAS program provides an extensive study of the film and media arts industry covering pre-production, production, post-production, acting and other visual communication elements.  The program provides the student with the necessary competencies for entry-level employment: first, by understanding the film and media production elements and, second, by practicing these elements.


As you progress in your studies in the BFA program, you may choose to expand your creativity and skill by selecting one of three concentrations:


Each involves a unique set of courses designed to prepare students to tackle specific tasks related to that area of their future career. For detailed course descriptions, please visit the college catalog.


At the end of the bachelor’s degree, senior level students receive access to Compass College’s internship program, which guarantees qualifying students the opportunity to gain industry experience around the world. With a career services division in Los Angeles, and strong ties in the global film industry, Compass College helps students secure internship opportunities that will launch them towards a career.

In the past, interns have been placed in an array of positions, varying from feature films to episodic television to studio projects to corporate marketing and more. While working on these projects, the college encourages its students to display a humble demeanor and a rock-solid work ethic to impress and build trust with the professionals with whom the interns work. This servant attitude sets Compass College students apart from those of other colleges. By displaying their impressive technical knowledge and a willingness to serve, CCCA interns have cultivated highly respected reputations with professional mentors, often providing the solid foundation for a successful and satisfying career.


For more information about the associate’s degree program and non-matriculating courses, please call admissions at 616-988-1000. To learn about internship qualification criteria, please visit the college catalog.