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you have a gifted student

There are so many gifted people in our world and your student is one of them, but how do they turn that into a profitable career? Is film really a good direction for them to go? Can they afford a comfortable lifestyle based on a career in film and media?

Those are all great questions. We have helped parents answer those questions for over 20 years and we have place hundreds of students into excellent internships, many of which have turned into job offers.

How We Measure Success

Graduation Rate
62.5% National Avg. Graduation Rate for Public and Private Schools (NCES, 2015)

Projected Industry Growth Rate
This is 4x the national avg. growth rate of 2.6% (U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 2017)

Initial Employment
74.5% National Avg. Initial Employment for College Grads (Dept. of Labor, 2011)

  • Virtual Reality Growth by 2021 64% 64%
  • Companies Investing in Video for 2018 81% 81%
  • Mobile Video Growth by 2021 66% 66%
  • Online Video Traffic in 2018 83% 83%

* Source: Cisco 2017


Digital video and visual storytelling are changing the way the world works. From learning in the classroom to corporate sales, marketing and training videos, to an array of entertainment choices, career opportunities in a visual world are vast!


Job Opportunities Visual

It's hard to imagine what types of jobs are available in the film and media industry. Everyone has heard of actors, actresses, directors, and producers. Still, that's not enough positions to account for the entire film and media industry. View this image to gain an understanding of the amount of jobs on every feature film that is created. Layer TV positions, jobs within the growing streaming services, and commercial work and suddenly the opportunities are more than plentiful.

200+ positions
on every feature film

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The Student

Compass College’s small student body creates an atmosphere of acceptance and engagement. Students are able to connect with their peers more easily since all of our students attend because of their passion for the film and media industry.

hands on

With our BFA graduates logging over 1,000 hours of on-set experience, our students go into the industry with significant skills already in place.


At $16,800 per year, a degree in the creative arts has never been more affordable. That means our students can graduate with less debt and more opportunity.


A professional in today’s marketplace can really stand out if they work off of a set of values such as honesty, character, work ethic, respect, commitment, patience, self-control, and hope.


Over the past 22 years we have worked hard to create relationships with professionals in LA, Atlanta, and NYC. Those individuals help shape our curriculum and provide insider insight to our students.