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Learning Through Experience: Compass Students On-Set Of "The Watchers"

Compass College of Cinematic Arts is passionate about empowering students to learn quickly as they grow their passion for film and cinematic arts. We do this by providing hands-on experience for our students. One recent example was the opportunity that Compass students had to learn from experts in the film industry by being a part of the production of a new TV series, “The Watchers”. 

"The Watchers" is being directed by Compass College alum, Aaron Greer, who helped transform the production set into a real-life classroom, giving students the opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow as they experience what it’s like to work on a professional set. Opportunities like this are the foundation of the education received at Compass. We believe in learning through doing, like having our students film “eight episodes over 17 days” for “The Watchers".

We believe in learning through doing, like having our students film “eight episodes over 17 days” for “The Watchers” (WZZM 13). This perspective on learning is fundamental to the values we hold at Compass. In an article published by WZZM 13, Aaron Greer describes Compass’s approach to learning: 

“We're just starting our 25th year right now, and Compass has always been hands-on,” he said. “So we have a soundstage here that has the green screen and the inside part. We've also invested in industry-level equipment, so the RED cameras and LED lighting. The students get first-hand experience, so when they do walk into the industry, whether it's doing commercials in advertising and marketing locally, or whether they're going on a shoot, they already have hands-on experience with the equipment and in a setting situation.”

The series “The Watchers” has given Compass College students a behind-the-scenes look at production where they have experienced the world of cinematography from a different lens — the actual camera lens. Are you interested in taking part in opportunities like this and turning your cinematic passions into hands-on experience? Do you want to jump-start your cinematic career? Apply to Compass College today! 

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