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Partnership with Kent County Sheriff's Office

Some of the most powerful moments of human drama ever captured on film tell the stories of our men and women in law enforcement. 

As a college that trains young professionals to use the film-making process for the good and betterment of society, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a training course on video editing for the Kent County Sheriff department laster this month. 

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department reached out to us to ask if we would train a team of six officers as part of a new media team. Our training will be focused on helping this new team create and edit videos. The sessions are expected to be held March 23-25. 

The police will use the skills learned in our sessions to create video resources for the community, for social and news outlets, and for their recruitment videos. These skills will also be used internally when it comes to studying and reviewing their body cam footage. Our sessions will help officers use on-the-job body cam footage to create training simulation videos for current and future officers, so they can learn from real-life scenarios and get a grounded portrayal what to do and what not to do. 

In show of our appreciation to the often-underfunded work of local police, we are donating this training to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department free of charge. 

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