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Internship Program

The goal of CPS499 is to provide students with on-the-job experience, so they can understand and demonstrate the problem solving, networking skills, and technical proficiencies learned at Compass College of Film & Media and build a career in the film and video profession.


As a capstone to the program, students intern with a production company, organization, entertainment-related company or department, and work closely with the company’s onsite internship supervisor. Students are not considered finished with the full program until they have taken part in an internship(s) equaling a minimum of 135 clock hours. These hours include time spent in review and discussion of faith principles and internship experience with the school’s Career Services Liaison (CSL).

Typically, the internships are scheduled after the completion of the Thesis project. You must complete your internship before the end of the 2022 Fall Term. If you do not, you will need to either get a Plan to Succeed approved by the Dean of Education or retake the class.

Discussions and writing assignments may include the following topics:

  • Vocational calling
  • Internship experience and recall
  • Spiritual growth
  • Emotional well-being
  • Intern Q&A


Each student is to submit a final report to the CSL. The purpose of this final report is to summarize the internship experience for the CSL and for others, including future students interested in a similar internship. Generally, the report is not distributed to the on-site internship coordinator or others, but information may be shared under a general context for decision-making and training purposes. New or unique experiences should be emphasized in the report, particularly those concerning the objectives of the internship. The report gives the student an opportunity to write his or her reflections on the program and express those things that have the most meaning now that this experience is completed.

WHAT IS AN on-site Supervisor?

An OSS, On-Site Supervisor, is the point person on your team who is responsible for making sure the following happens:

  1. Keeping the student on task to complete the agreed-upon objectives.
  2. Makes sure intern is reimbursed for any expenses, including mileage; and the intern is compensated per the Internship Agreement Packet, if any.
  3. Provide reasonable resources to the student intern, e.g., desk, office space, supplies, and resources available to other workers with similar responsibilities.
  4. Meets periodically with the intern to provide on-going supervision and comment.
  5. Is available for discussions, when necessary, with the Compass Career Services Director or other appropriate Career Services representatives at CCFM.
  6. Completes and promptly returns an intern evaluation form (mail, fax, or email) prior to the end of the internship.

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