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Industry Pros The Value of Story

There’s an old saying at Compass that “story is king”.  Great stories have the power to invoke emotional responses in an audience.  Storytellers have this uncontrollable urge to share their ideas with other people. 

The trouble is that great stories don't happen by accident. They are crafted and revised. They are designed to be great stories.

One thing that makes Compass College unique is that it is a place to hone the skills it takes to become a master storyteller.

A Strong Foundation

The journey to becoming a strong storyteller begins with a strong foundation.  Your first year consists of:

  1. The basics of story structure and three act writing
  2. Understanding the history of film and how storytelling evolved over the decades
  3. How the camera and lighting tell the story

 You apply these new skills weekly and workshop them with teachers and classmates.

Storytelling Variety

Storytelling can come in many forms.  To master the craft, Compass exposes you to various types of projects to challenge and grow your creativity.

  1. 5 Minute Film: Crucial for flexing your new set skills and telling a contained story.
  2. Silent Film: Don’t underestimate the value of this skillset. Often audiences watch ads and videos on social media with the sound off.  Being able to tell a compelling story with just visuals is a crucial skillset for students to master.
  3. 10-15 Minute Film: This is a great film festival length piece. A project like this opens up opportunities for entering film festivals, creating demo reels, trying new set positions, and finding your passion.
  4. Music Videos and Commercials: The demand for these types of projects is anywhere you could live. The understanding how music and products can tell a story adds another dimension to you as a storyteller.
  5. Documentary: A completely different kind of storytelling. Learning how to find a voice, a compelling thought or person, and creating connection with an audience opens up a lot of career doors.

The Career Beginnings

Your senior year is really the first step of your professional career.  It’s where we work with you to bring all of the different projects together and create a marketable portfolio.  Our graduates have found all kinds of jobs because they have a variety of storytelling skills and experiences.  If you have a passion to see your story on a screen, we are ready to help you take that first step.      

Pros in Video

  • David Weiss: Writer, Shrek 2Smurfs
  • Korey Pollard: 1st Assistant Director, The Orville9-1-1Nashville
  • Rik Schwartzwelder: Director/Writer, Old Fashioned
  • Ralph Winter: Producer, X-Men TrilogyFantastic Four 1 & 2Adrift
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