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Industry Pros on Faith at Compass

As Christians, we believe that God has given us a greater purpose in life.  A solider feels called to serve their country, a teacher to inspire students, and in our case as filmmakers - the creative drive to tell compelling stories that impact audiences.  That brings us up against a very unique obstacle, Hollywood itself.  Let’s face it, Los Angeles may be called the city of angels but many Christians find that to be an ironic nickname.  Christians who want to get into the film and media industry often struggle with the question:

 Can I be a Christian and work in this industry?

Absolutely!  In fact, in may be your greatest asset, and at Compass we want to help nurture and prepare you for life on the west coast.


  1. Character and Patience: How you treat your superiors and peers says a lot about your character. We are called to show respect and decency to everyone we meet.  Christ did not go around condemning people.  He was patient and welcoming to them.  He sought out the lost and confused to befriend them. 
  2. Work Ethic: Don’t wait for an opportunity to fall in your lap.  Take initiative and let your work ethic do the talking.  The film industry is full of people just trying to get by and often are dealing with feelings of despair.  Being a person that gets work done with a joyful heart stands out in a crowd. 
  3. Honesty: Don’t let your word be meaningless.  If you commit to a job - even if you don’t like it - give it your very best effort.  Be honest with your thoughts and stay true to who you are.  This industry has a lot of people who don’t stand by their words.  Going against the norm is an attractive quality that people want to work with.
  4. Hope: Know who you are in Christ.  Christians naturally reflect a sense of peace and hope because they know God is in control.   Many Hollywood natives are searching for that kind of inner peace and will come to you curious as to how you have it.  That’s when a real conversation can happen.   

The Foundation

Compass College encourages our students to explore and grow in their faith.  If you are not a Christian that’s okay too.  Learning how to serve a film project with integrity and hard work are still valuable skills to learn, and will get you noticed on a set.  Compass College encourages its students not to deny their faith, because it may be the very thing that makes them stand out in an industry that is always looking for hope.  We have the resources to help build a solid faith foundation that prepares our students to go out and be a light to others.

Pros in Video

  • Jim Hanon: Director/Writer, End of the Spear
  • Korey Pollard: 1st Assistant Director, The Orville9-1-1Nashville
  • Rick Eldridge: Producer, The Ultimate Gift Trilogy

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