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Freshman Year Film Opportunities

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Freshman year is an exciting time for students.  They are on their own, making new friendships, and pursuing their dreams of a digital media career.  At other film schools, freshman year is usually spent in the classroom learning theory and terminology.

A live film set can be an intimidating place.  The only way you grow more comfortable working in that space is experience.  A student set is the time to make mistakes, go over budget, have a location drop out, or replace an actor quickly.  You learn how to problem solve situations like this by overcoming them.  So how do you get experience like this?  Our answer is -  start right away.

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Freshman year is a time to explore every inch of the film set, and discover all the different career paths the film and media industry has to offer.

  • Core Shoot: This project gives you a guided introduction to how a set operates and all the different roles. The project is run by faculty and alumni while students try their hand in various roles. The result is your very first professional film.
  • Silent Film: This project pushes you to explore the visual side of storytelling, and reminds you how crucial body language, expression, and scene creation are to a professional project. Learning to tell a compelling story without words will help you develop your storytelling skills in the years to come.
  • 5 Minute Films: This project is your first opportunity to take what you have learned in the classroom and be cut loose to try it on your own set.  This is a great learning experience for you as a young filmmaker. Not only are you crafting your own story, but you are developing deep bonds between you and your classmates.

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"It's been pretty cool honestly seeing how everything went down.  I didn't realize how much work it is to get all the angles of different shots.  It is really exciting to see how everything is before post production.  It's really cool to be behind the scenes too because I am usually an actor so it's pretty cool to be behind the scenes, and it does take a whole production of people for it to work."

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Keziah's experience is just one example of how Compass College gives you a solid foundation right away acquiring on set skills and confidence.  Your freshman year is full of exciting new experiences, and that is just during your first year at Compass.  Each subsequent year your projects will build upon each other to make you a well-rounded filmmaker.

Don't hesitate to begin your filmmaking journey.  Click the link below to apply for our fall term and we will see you on set!

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