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Faith + Film Preview: Ralph Winter

On June 18th, our Faith + Film series continues with an extra special guest, Executive Producer Ralph Winter.  Ralph's list of films include Tim Burton's Planet of the ApesThe X-Men TrilogyX-Men Origins: WolverineFantastic Four, and The Giver.  He has also been a member of Compass' Advisory Board for twelve years.  At the event Ralph will be sharing his experiences and insights on how Compass can continue to grow and what it takes to live by faith in the film and media industry.

We are very fortunate for Ralph's continued support of Compass.  Like us, he believes in the power of the storyteller, "I believe most storytellers are after the truth, the authenticity of what it means to be human and scoping in on a specific aspect of that."  Compass College's curriculum is focused on developing and empowering visual storytellers.  Video content has the power to motivate us to ask deeper questions.

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There's an old industry saying 'story is king'.  Ralph and our board have continued to reinforce that belief over the years even with all the technological breakthroughs, "Compass can help train, teach, discern, test, and learn how to tell a good story."  By the time our students graduate we want them to be master storytellers.

Why has Ralph continued to support Compass?  It is because of our dedication to our faith, commitment to our students, and desire to produce hard working servant leaders on set, "What I like about Compass is that it’s not in Hollywood. I like that Compass is in Michigan , it reflects Midwest values and it’s away from the noise of Hollywood and New York."  We want our graduates to be beacons of integrity and hope on sets all over the country.  We hope you will join us in this amazing opportunity to talk to one of Hollywood's most accomplished producers.  To register visit the link below.

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