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Faculty Spotlight: Joshua Courtade

We are excited to celebrate the accomplishment of our amazing faculty member, Joshua Courtade. This past year, he completed his studies at Emerson College and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing for Film and Television. After creating several award winning short and feature films, Courtade wanted to challenge himself, noting that “he felt stuck in a stagnant place as a writer, and was not moving anywhere.”

Emerson College’s screenwriting program is ranked as one of the best amongst industry publications such as Screencraft, ScriptReaderPro, MovieMaker, and the Nashville Film Institute. Over four semesters, Courtade’s program performed deep dives into short films, television treatments and feature length scripts. Courtade notes, “The focus was to write, and this gave me a creative jumpstart.” Courtade’s thesis project was a feature script that went through the entire script workshop and approval process. His science fiction comedy script received a great response from his classmates and professor. As a result of his talent, Courtade graduated with a 4.0 GPA, receiving the top cash award.

Courtade’s new insights into screenwriting have already been put to use in the classroom as he guides students through the basics of screenwriting.
“I've already been using much of what I learned at Emerson in my own classes at Compass. One area in particular that I've developed and expanded is how I teach television -- both in terms of its history and TV writing.”

For the upperclassmen, Courtade’s knowledge will help them craft richer stories and more complex characters through Advanced Screenwriting and Advanced Directing. Story is everything in filmmaking and having a master storyteller influence our students will take their raw talents to the next level. We are incredibly proud of Mr. Courtade and his accomplishments and cannot wait to see how his expertise will further impact our school.
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