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Drone Pilot Certification Course in Grand Rapids

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(GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. April 24, 2018)—If you want to look for the next hottest job market, look up. The drone age is here. Drones are fast becoming an eye in the sky for hundreds of industries from agriculture to zoology. This growth means there is an increasing demand for drone pilots. Compass College of Cinematic Arts is where pilots can earn their wings along with their college degree.

The Association for Unmanned Aircraft is predicting that more than 100,000 new jobs in the industry will be created in the next three years. Compass College is offering classes in drone operation, but the college is taking it to a higher level. Most drones are used in some type of observation—to provide an aerial perspective of something. This could be anything from a farmer’s field, to inspecting cell towers or power lines. Imagine flying drones from the visual perspective of a Hollywood cinematographer, movie director, or documentary producer. At Compass College you will.

Compass, with it’s hands-on learning style and curriculum, is offering aerial filming classes that will give graduating students something many drone pilots haven’t learned, and that is the right way to use visuals to tell a better story. The college, with its fleet of drones, is teaching students how aerials will fit into the overall story. Not only will graduates become FAA certified pilots, they’ll learn how the airborne viewpoints can best be used to enrich the final product, making the college’s graduates more valuable in any industry and for any screen.

“There is and will continue to be a rush of new jobs created through the expanding use of aerial filming,” said Compass College president, Keri Lowe. “Drones are built for the camera, so is the art of great storytelling. Compass marries the two and creates a hands-on education with a visual perspective that leads to better careers.”

To learn more about the drone training at Compass College and how those courses can be boosted with other digital media production classes, or to register for the Aerial Filming course for Summer Term,  email admissions@compass.edu or call 616-988-1000.

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