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CASTING CALL 5 Minute Student Films

Compass College News

(GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Feb. 13th and 14th)—Film Students at Compass College of Cinematic Arts are casting for eight upcoming 5 minute short films.

Open auditions will be held February 13th and 14th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Compass College of Cinematic Arts located at 41 Sheldon Blvd. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Auditions will consist of a cold reading. Actors should supply a headshot, and acting resume if possible. Talent must be available for production varying times throughout the month of March, see individual casting calls for more details. 

Casting Calls

‘The Break-In' 
CCCA 5 Min. Student Short Film - Non-Union
Born to wealthy parents, Sam and Katie have all they have ever really wanted- until an intruder breaks in and they are forced to realize what is most important in life.
Compass College of Cinematic Arts (CCCA) needs capable actors for a suspenseful thriller, The Break-In.

*Auditions will be held as a cold read - In Person only Shooting will take place from March 1st through March 3rd, 2019.

Lead - Sam (18-20): Katie’s older brother, Sam is initially dismissive of his little sister, however in the end he is protective of her.

Lead - Katie (13-15): Sam’s little sister, Katie is a brat. Growing up with wealthy parents, she is not afraid to fight for what she wants.

Supporting - Richard (30’s): The burglar, Richard is determined to uncover something from Sam and Katie’s parents’ household.

Supporting - Karen (30’s): Katie’s mother. She loves both her and Sam greatly.

Supporting - Jim (30’s): Sam’s father. Hardworking and disciplined, he wants what is best for his kids. He’s at odds with Richard.

Compensation: The Cast will receive a film credit, a copy of the finished film, and meals while on set.
For more details, contact the producer, Henri Gage, at henri.gage@compass.edu with any questions.

Chili Dinner
​Chili Dinner, A​ story about a mysterious chili dinner with ethically questionable ingredients.

Main Roles:
Tony ​(16-24): The protagonist who is suspicious of the chili after finding “evidence” of chili’s mysterious ingredients.

Devin ​(16-24): Friend of the protagonist and boyfriend of Josie.

Josie ​(16-24) Girlfriend of Devin and is the one who made the
chili for the dinner.

Auntie ​(35-55) Aunt of Josie and the one who knows what the chili’s ingredients.

Shoot Dates: March 1-3
Unpaid acting roles, food and drinks will be provided as well as a copy of the final product.
For any questions, please contact
Producer Daniel Strauss ​Daniel.strauss@compass.edu

‘A Good Impression’
"A Good Impression,” a story of an undercover mobster taking a job interview, only to reveal his intent for revenge.

Main Roles:
Phil (24-45): A slick mobster who knows how to put up a friendly front when he needs to.

Miles (24-45): An ex-mafia member, now a respectable owner of a restaurant under a new identity.

Mary (22-35): A bright and positive employee at Miles’ restaurant, new to the job but brings a shining work ethic.

Shoot Dates: March, 4-10
You will be provided with food and a copy of the final product.
For any questions, please contact
Producer Zach Koester at Zach.Koester@Compass.edu

Breaking & Entertaining (Working Title)
A comedy about two friends who break into their boss’s house looking for information regarding the company’s books. Things get out-of-hand when they accidentally trigger an alarm and get trapped inside.

Main Roles:
Carson (20s): One of the two leads and a take-charge kinda guy with a drive to get the job done.

Tucker (20s): One of the two leads with a goofy sense of humor and cautious nature.

Shoot Dates: Friday, March 15 – Sunday, March 17
This is an unpaid production. You will be compensated with food and a copy of the final product.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Producer Abby Barnett at abby.barnett@compass.edu

One Small Film For Man
A struggling Hollywood director is given an offer to make a documentary for the government, but quickly learns the real reason for the film is to lie to the world about the United States’ first moon landing.

Main Roles:
Stan (early 40s): ​A struggling Hollywood director who must choose between integrity and saving his career.

Director James (mid 30s): ​An intimidating yet charismatic government official, trying to persuade Stan to make his film.

Shoot Dates:​ Friday, March 8 - Sunday, March 10
This production will be unpaid. Food will be provided on set as well as a copy of the final product for compensation.
If you have any questions, please contact Gavin Johnson at gavin.johnson@compass.edu

Fruit Love
A romantic comedy short film ​Fruit Love​, the story of Ken, a high school student who finds himself unexpectedly falling in love with his new classmate, Adrianna, who just happens to be a pineapple.

Ken (18-25): The protagonist, faced with a tricky dilemma when he wins a pair of high value concert tickets.

Zach (18-25): Ken’s best friend.

June (18-25): A pretty and popular fellow student, and Ken’s longtime crush.

Mr. Buttons (30-50): An English teacher, determined to get these kids to like Shakespeare.

10-20 people needed to act as High School students.

Shoot Dates: Three days within the week of March 11th-17th.

To be determined. You will be provided with meals while on set and a copy of the finished product. Auditions will be held as a cold read.
Feel free to contact our producer with questions at ​erin.maitland@compass.edu

Men and Metal (Working Title)

A middle aged man with a troubled past is brought down to the police station for what he thinks is a speeding ticket, when he finds himself as the suspect for the murder of a police officer. When the questioning continues, John turns out to know much more than he initially let on, or is it even John at all?

Main Roles
Lead​ - Rick (Early 50’s): A stern and persistent police detective, who compares John to a childhood troublemaker he once knew.

Lead​ - John (Mid 30’s): Middle Aged disheveled looking man, looks more guilty than he is. Extras​: People in business attire, acting as detectives to walk in background.

Shooting dates will be sometime between March 18 and March 24.
Compensation: Unpaid acting roles, food and drinks will be provided as well as a credit in the film and a copy of the finished film.
If you have any questions, please contact Producer ​Emily.holloway@compass.edu. Reachable at (810)-956-8034 for facetime or skype.

Weighted Waiter
The life of a waiter is compromised when forced to kill a close regular customer. Jon, a waiter, walks into his job to find thugs forcing him to kill a target of the mafia. To his surprise, the target is a customer that comes in regularly. He and said customer have a possible budding romance. He struggles to act normal as the thugs watch impatiently for him to poison the target. Jon must make a difficult decision, and finally decides he’d rather risk his own life, instead of hers.

Location TBA
Shooting Dates: March 18-20 5pm-12pm

Jon (Lead) Male ;18-25; Scrawny

Smith; (Mobster); Male 20-25; large in stature; intimidating

Phill;(Jon’s Boss);Male 20-30; Skinny

Sara;(Jon’s love interest) Female; 20-25;

Non union Unpaid
To contact us:
Email alexialickley@gmail.com-Producer
Email hockenberrykyle9@gmail.com-Director

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