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CASTING CALL 2019 Capstone Films

Compass College News

(GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. May 22 and 23, 2019)—Film Students at Compass College of Cinematic Arts are casting for three upcoming 15-20 minute Capstone short films.

Open auditions will be held May 22 and 23, 2019 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Compass College of Cinematic Arts located at 41 Sheldon Blvd. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Auditions will consist of a cold reading. Actors should supply a headshot, and acting resume if possible. Talent must be available for production varying times throughout the months of June and July, see individual casting calls for more details. 

Casting Calls

Hunt for the GorillaDactyl 
CCCA 5 Min. Student Short Film - Non-Union

Hunt for the GorillaDactyl is a monster movie inspired by the serial monster films of the

1950s.  We follow a group of monster hunters as they search for a dangerous beast

known as The GorillaDactyl.


Eric (Male, 20-30) ​- Foolish but extremely determined. Eric wants to become a literal monster hunter after fighting monsters like the IRS for years on pen and paper.

Lauren​ ​(Female, 20-30) Cold but sympathetic. Lauren is a monster hunter who wants to ensure the safety of the elusive GorillaDactyl.

Dr. Ivel Ryan Sintest (Male 30-50) ​A crazed scientist responsible for the creation of the GorillaDactyl. His motivations are kept secret and his true identity remains unknown

The GorillaDactyl. (Male 30-50) ​A monster that was created as a mix between a gorilla and pterodactyl. This monstrosity has attempted to escape the facility from which he came. ​This role will be voice only.

These positions are not paid but food will be provided on set.

Auditions will consist of a cold read. If you have any headshots, resumes or questions please send to: brian.keillor@compass.edu

Bury Me

A western about a sheriff who is working to clear the name of his ex-gang member sister.

In person auditions are accepted day of.  Video auditions are scheduled through appointment up to May 21st.

Main Roles:

Daniels (20s-30s): A sheriff who’s a little rough around the edges but has a good heart and an even stronger will. Willing to do just about whatever it takes to help the people who rely on him.

Eliza (20s-30s): An ex-gang member and the sister of the sheriff. Although she has had a questionable past, she’s looking to turn her life around, but few people believe her change of heart is sincere.

Supporting Roles:

Marshal (40s-50s): Political type who uses his pen more than his gun.Deputy (20s): An ambitious young law enforcer.
Bartender (30s-50s): A gentle spirit who loves his bar.
Gang Member (20s-40s): She’s rugged and wild with a bad attitude.

Actors will be expected to handle prop guns and work with live horses on set. Past experience with firearms and horses will be considered during auditions.

This is a non-union shoot that is open to SAG-AFTRA.
Shoot Dates: Thursday, June 27th – Tuesday, July 2nd
This is an unpaid production. You will be compensated with food and a copy of the final product.

To schedule a video audition or to answer any questions you might have, please feel free to contact Producer Abby Barnett at abby.barnett@compass.edu

Two To Tango

This film is a comedy about high schooler learning about love and overcoming challenges of high school drama.

Main Roles:

Randy (Male, 15-18) Shy, nerdy. He wants to ask Mary to the dance but lacks the confidence.

Omar (Male, 15-18) Bold, romantic. New student and friend to Randy. He is smooth with the ladies.

Mary (Female, 15,18) Shy, Popular. Head of her class she has to keep a certain image and stay on top, but unsure of herself.

Karen (Female 15, 18) Sassy, Outspoken, Stuck to Mary’s side fighting to be popular. She will do anything to rise to the top.

*Extras needed for homecoming scene*

All lead positions are non-paid but will be fed on set.

Auditions will be a cold read. Please bring if available; a resume, headshots and a smile!

If any questions please email the producer- tamarra.thomas@compass.edu

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