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Explore Grand Rapids

We think where you are says a lot about who you are.

That’s why we love being located in Grand Rapids, an artistic, vibrant, and highly awarded mid-size city in West Michigan. Some recent recognitions include:

  • #1 of “10 Big U.S. Cities With The Fastest-Growing Economies,” Forbes
  • #18 of “21 Super Cool Cities Ranked,” Expedia Travel Blog
  • #3 Safest College Town in America, Safewise
  • #20 of “52 Places to Visit Worldwide,” New York Times
  • #19 of “100 Best Places to Live in the USA,” U.S. News & World Report
  • #5 most Hipster U.S. Metro Areas, Infogroup
  • #1 U.S. Place to Visit, Groupon, 2016

Grand Rapids is a great place to live and learn, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Schedule a tour and check out the city while you’re here.

Filmmaking in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids serves as a production mecca for on-location filming, with a wide variety of backdrops – urban centers, vast forests, rural farming and waterfront communities, Lake Michigan, abundant sports adventures, historical towns and unique architectural buildings – all within a 50-mile radius. The state of Michigan, which is affectionately called the “mitten,” is surrounded by the Great Lakes and boasts the world-renowned Mackinac Island, as well as an international border with gateways to Canada.

Major films, such as Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino, Whip It with Drew Barrymore, All’s Fair in Love starring Christina Ricci, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story with Cuba Gooding Jr., Up In The Air starring George Clooney, and other notable features have been filmed in Michigan within the past few years.

Many of CCCA’s interns and alumni have had the opportunity to showcase their skills and to learn on sets from a diverse collection of the industry’s most talented artists. Films, such as The Steam Experiment, Tug, Cherry, The Gun, and the Mickey Matson series, were shot in Grand Rapids and the nearby cities of Holland, Kalamazoo, and Manistee.

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