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Committed to your success

College isn’t always easy – especially when other things in life are calling for our attention. No matter the reason, or the need a student has, Compass College is dedicated to providing services to help our students succeed. See some of the information below to learn more about the support services we offer our students.

Center for Excellence

College is an exciting adventure; but like any hero on a journey, you’ll have challenges and victories along the way. The Center for Excellence (CFE) is here to walk with you from orientation to graduation and into your career. Through academic tutoring, internship placement, job postings, networking opportunities, events, and more, the Center for Excellence seeks to create an exceptional college experience for every Compass student and alumni.

If you have questions about the services The Center for Excellence can provide, please contact CFE Director, Ken Boersma at ken.b@compass.edu.

Student Affairs

Student affairs encompasses many different aspects of the student experience. Ken Boersma is the Director of Student Affairs and is the key point of contact for the needs our students have.

Disability Services

Disability Services

Students with a documented disability can arrange to have appropriate accomodations during their time at Compass College. Contact Ken Boersmna for more information.

Internship Placement


Securing an internship can make all the difference as you launch your career in this industry. Our team can help you secure a great intership and in some cases can place students directly.

Career Services

Just because a student graduates doesn’t mean we’re not still concerned for their success. Compass College provides graduates with resume review, interview prep, and posts job opportunities.

Alumni Relations

Our alumni are extremely valuable to us. Although they are in the classroom every week, we support our alumni through social and professional development events aimed at serving their needs.

Connect with The Center For Excellence

To connect further regarding the services our Center for Excellence offers, please select the appropriate link below.