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Bachelor of Fine Arts

Our BFA program is our most versatile degree, offering students the most job opportunities in the industry.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

in Cinematic and Media Arts (120 credit hours)

Visual storytelling is a powerful resource in today’s media-driven world.

From feature films, news broadcast, online streaming, and marketing, millions of people turn to their screens for information and entertainment each day. As a result, there is a growing demand for artists with the talent to create impactful stories for every industry. Compass College of Cinematic Arts recognizes this need and teaches the art of film and digital media production with a story-centric, hands-on method that will best prepare you for a successful career.

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Subjects of Study

As a part of the BFA program, you will learn from a broad range of subjects, so you are ready for any job opportunities that arise. Some of the subjects covered in the program are:

  • Screenwriting
  • Producing
  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Production Audio
  • Narrative Structure
  • Broadcast Management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Animation
  • Music Video Production
  • Drone Flight
Major Projects

Essential to our hands-on approach to learning is the opportunity to actually make films. During the course of the BFA program, students will work on the following films:

  • Core Shoot – In the first semester of freshman year, students work alongside faculty and alumni to create a 3-minute film. It’s our student’s first exposure to the filmmaking process.
  • 5-Minute Shoot – During the second semester of freshman year, student do their first student-run films. These projects will result in a 5-minute film that was written, produced, and edited by a team of freshmen.
  • Silent Films – Experts say that 90% of communication is done through tone and body language. These films capitalize on that by creates a 5-minute film without dialog.
  • Capstone Film – This is a 10-minute short film created during the summer between sophomore and junior year of the program. It is a great step in expanding the storytelling arc as these students grow.
  • Documentary Film – During the students Junior year, they will be creating regionally relevant films with the intention of distribution.
  • Thesis – The thesis project is filmed in the last semester of senior year. It is a culmination of all of the hard work seniors have put into their studies for the past 4 years. The end result is a 30-minute feature film that was written, cast, produced, edited, and marketed by a team of students.

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By the end of the bachelor’s degree, senior level students earn access to Compass College’s internship program, which allows qualifying students the opportunity to gain industry experience around the world.  Compass College helps students secure internship opportunities that will launch them towards a career.

In the past, interns have earned placement in an array of positions, varying from feature films and television to studio projects and corporate marketing. In each opportunity, our students couple their technical skills and their values-based education to the internship. This combination has labeled our students as humble, hard-working, and highly respected servant leaders. In some scenarios, Compass interns have been offered a job by their employer before their internship is even over.


Some Internship Locations:

LA  |  ATL  |  NYC  |  CHI  |  DET  |  West Michigan

Career Outlook

The goal of any student is to find a job that they can love doing, and make a good living with. Film is that job! The career outlook for film and media professionals just keeps getting better and better, so rest assured that a degree from Compass College will put you on track for a rewarding career.


Projected Industry Growth

With a national industry average growth rate of 5%, the film and media industry is on a steep climb and is in desperate need for qualified, creative professionals. There has never been a better time to begin a film and media career.

$43k – $71k


Of course, every student wants to start their career with a good-paying job. Students with a BFA in film can expect a median salary between $43,000 and $71,000 depending on the position they take and their level of experience.

Above The Line

In the film and media industry, the “line” is a term that refers to how much influence a position has on the creativity of a project and the final look of a product. Payscale generally follows this rule of thumb too, with entry-level below-the-line jobs paying the least and increasing for positions in higher brackets.

The BFA program at Compass College
prepares its students for job opportunities
on-the-line and above-the-line.