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Alumni Advice for New Students

As we begin a new year, many are looking to start a new educational journey.  We see that audiences have looked to their movie collections and streaming services for stories of hope and heroes to get them through the long days, and we want to give them more of that content.  That demand will only continue to grow as we move forward - full of promise and potential.

Now is the time to pursue your dreams of a filmmaking career!

Compass College provides a unique environment that challenges, educates, and encourages young filmmakers to step into their roles as storytellers.  Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it directly from our alumni.

4 Alumni Strategies

  1. Make Films and Mistakes: Compass offers an environment designed to get you started telling stories right away not three or four years in.  We believe making movies and making mistakes is the best way to learn.  Mistakes can be the best lessons you learn on your journey to becoming a master storyteller.
  2. Be a Team Player: Some of you come from other programs and may already have experience with video.  That’s great!  Use that to connect with your classmates and challenge yourself.  A lesson you’ll learn quickly is that filmmaking takes a team.  Time and time again we hear from our network of film professionals that they want hard working team players.
  3. Take Initiative: Compass believes in giving our students the opportunity to experiment with stories, crew roles, and equipment.  Don’t just wait for the next assignment.  Write a script, grab some classmates and gear, and go out and film it.  This hands on approach has served our alumni time and again because they gain a confidence that shines brightly on a set and gets them that next paying job.
  4. Maximum Effort: To borrow Deadpool’s famous motivational line, you should come to Compass ready to give it your all.  Why?  The program is filled with opportunities to learn new skills, try new positions, grow as an individual, and build your network of industry colleagues.  This only happens if you commit to taking advantage of all these opportunities.  We want our graduates to be the best, and to be ready for the best jobs that we come across.  Adopting this mindset of never settling, never stop getting better will serve you long after you leave our campus.   

Follow your direction to us

Compass College provides the environment for young artists to hone their skills and grow as young adults.  We give you the knowledge and opportunities to apply in real film industry scenarios that gives you the confidence and experience to start a thriving career.  Compass believes in its students, and their potential to be the next generation of storytellers.  So what are you waiting for?

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