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tuition + fees

Cost is a big deal when it comes to your education. Compass College of Cinematic Arts is committed to making your education as affordable as possible. Our college offers the most affordable private, accredited film program in the country.

Compass College of Cinematic Arts offers a highly competitive tuition model and the opportunity for federal aid. To better understand the tuition and fee breakdown for our programs, please view the chart below.

tuition + fees

2020 – 2021 Academic Year


Cost per credit hour: $540

Technology fee: $300 per semester

Cost per credit hour: $556

Technology fee: $300 per semester

Textbook fee: $200 per year

Description Living with Guardian Living on Own
Tuition and Fees $16,800* $16,800*
Room and Board $1,600 $7,200
Books and Equipment $500 – $4,000 $500 – $4,000
Transportation $1,800 $1,800
Personal $900 $900
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $21,600 – $25,100 $27,200 – $30,700

*Based on a student taking 30 credits per year.

CCCA Cost Comparison
Don’t Overpay for your Film Education

Our Commitment to affordability is unmatched. Compass College of Cinematic Arts is the most affordable private, accredited film school in the US. That cost savings means fewer student loans and more freedom to take opportunities as they arise. Don’t pay the high tuition rates of other school. Get a premium education at the best price on the market.

Required Equipment
At Compass College, we constantly integrate the latest technologies and developments from the industry into our programs. While we have a large stock of professional equipment for use on projects, students are required to purchase some equipment of their own for daily use.

This guide will help you understand which equipment is best suited to help you learn and create during your time at Compass. As always, if you have any questions, please call us at (616) 988-1000 or email info@compass.edu.

Download PDF Guide

Payment Plans

Payment for first term is due in August and the second term in December. Students attending for the third term must submit payment by May. On occasion, the college may offer other payment arrangements. All plans require the appropriate deposit before the first day of classes. Please call the Financial Office at (616) 988-1000 with questions.