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Submit Admissions Documents

This is the place where applied students can submit all of their required documents for admission.


Compass College of Cinematic Arts requires that you submit a biography video, transcripts, and a portfolio for admission. Use the tabs and forms below to complete the admissions process. Note that the forms only allow for a single document to be uploaded at a time. For the portfolio, or if you have multiple transcripts, please return to the form to submit the additional required documents.

Send Us Your Transcripts

Please use the form below to submit your unofficial transcripts. Please be aware that an official copy must be submitted prior to enrollment and any document uploaded through this form is considered unofficial.

* Be sure that the transcript you upload accurately reflects your academic performance to date. A discrepancy between unofficial and official transcripts may result in an additional review of a student’s admission decision.

Any questions you have about these requirements or submitting these items can be sent to admissions@compass.edu.

Submit Your Bio Video

The digital media arts field is built on creating story-driven, visual products for consumers; therefore, a common mantra for digital media artists is “Show, don’t tell.”

With this in mind, introduce yourself to the Admissions Committee via the Steps Below.

  1. Choose your submission type
    1. A short selfie-style video
    2. A short formatted script
  2. Answer the "About Me" questions
    1. Who are you, and where are you from?
    2. Share 2-3 examples of your personal experience in creating films, digital media, and/or screenwriting.
    3. How do you hope to use an education in film and digital media in the future?
    4. Why do you think Compass College of Cinematic Arts will help you achieve your film and media arts goals?
    5. When you consider your future career in film and digital media, what does it look like for YOU to be “successful?”
  3. Submit via the form below


Video Submission Instructions Script Submission Instructions
  • We recommend that you use your smartphone or computer webcam as a simple way of recording this content.
  • Be sure to check the lighting and sound, so that the admission committee can see and hear you clearly. In the video, creatively answer the questions above.
  • Take the video and make some edits. There is no requirements on what edits you make, so long as they convey your level of experience with editing film (i.e. camera cuts, transitions, background music, intro card, etc).
  • Recommended, free editing software
  • Use the template below or a screenwriting software to craft your script.
  • Create a scene (i.e. a YouTube interview) where you/your character answers the questions.
  • Set the tone, the environment, and other elements to craft the scene in the script.
Watch Our Tutorial Video
Use this Form To Submit Your Bio Video

Any questions you have about these requirements or submitting these items can be sent to admissions@compass.edu.