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Make all the Difference: A Letter from the President

A recent study discovered that the average American household has 7.3 screens scattered throughout its rooms. That includes televisions, computers and mobile devices. It is no wonder that media has quickly become such a significant influencer in our culture. This is exactly where you can make an important difference – by impacting graduates who have been shaped to create thoughtful, ethical and wholesome story content.


For over 22 years Compass College of Cinematic Arts has been preparing students to do just that. Your support has been instrumental in making that possibility a reality. Your continued generosity will make this opportunity available to even more film and media makers in the years to come.


Our approach has been simple. Provide affordable and practical education to students who are passionate about film and media. Compass College offers the lowest tuition of any private and accredited film school in the US. Contributions from supporters like yourself have been critical as 80% of Compass College’s students rely on financial aid to fund their education and maintain jobs to cover their living expenses.


Over the years we have found that the key to successfully preparing graduates for a positive impact in film and media is tied to their access to industry professionals. Since nearly 90% of Compass College’s students come from Michigan, few students are connected to opportunities to expand their career in media. The program at Compass College provides a critical bridge to these industry experts. With your gracious help, Compass College was able to place 90% of the 2019 graduates in internships from West Michigan to Los Angeles.


Last year’s donors made an immense impact on the student experience. The purchase of a Red camera helped our students learn to use state-of- the art equipment on numerous film projects. Each of the classrooms received an update to the audio/visual equipment, raising the level of collaboration between students and faculty during lectures. It also went directly toward developing students spiritually, so they can apply Judeo-Christian principles in the film and media industry, which impacts culture.


A new financial contribution from you would continue to improve the student experience and strengthen Compass College’s ability to produce graduates who go on to positively impact the film and media industry. Your support this year will help us improve the following student experiences:


·  Scholarships for 25 to 30 prospective and current students $90,000
·  Replace the student classroom seating and tables $50,000
·  Update the projector and audio systems in the Theater $20,000
·  Update the lighting systems for the latest on-set production technology $10,000


Your donation can be made by check and online by clicking on the “Donate” button on this page. I would also really appreciate meeting you and hosting a tour of campus. If this interests you, please call Julie at (616) 988-1000.




Jay Greer




“How to make a film with integrity and how to do it with excellence, I think these qualities are not often taught, except at places like Compass College. They are doing it the right way.”

Ralph Winter
Producer: Star Trek, X-Men Trilogy, Fantastic Four

“Compass set me on a path to figure out who I am as a filmmaker and gave me the tools to go out in the real world and compete with everybody around the world.”

Jarrod Flood
Class of 2014

“It is very unique to me that the students from Compass come, not just with a desire to make films, but a desire to be where God wants them to be.”

Korey Pollard
1st Assistant Director
Nashville, House, Grey’s Anatomy