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5 Reasons to Keep Planning for College

The country may be on hold, but life still continues.  With so much uncertainty in the air it is important to start thinking about what's next.  Summer is nearly here, and that means preparing for college in the fall.  What does that look like now?  Should I still try to attend college this year?  Will I be able to form bonds with my teachers and classmates?

We believe the answer is a resounding YES and here's 5 reasons why.

1. You have a creative spark that cannot be contained

You are a creator to your very core.  Just because you are confined inside and to your neighborhood does not stop you from coming up with new stories.  It is a part of your DNA, and you need to write down or sketch out your ideas.  Keep writing, keep shooting, keep creating!  

This is a great time to connect with future fellow classmates and share ideas.  One amazing part of our student community is everyone loves to talk about their story ideas.  Start collaborating now, and you'll come to campus in the fall with new friends and ideas ready to go.


2. People still need stories

This is a unique opportunity for storytellers.  Right now, people are consuming video content at a mind blowing rate.  That creates a natural hunger for more stories, and a demand for new ideas.  Being a creative with ready-to-go material increases your opportunities.

Getting your degree from Compass trains and empowers you to be the best storyteller you can be whether it's with a laptop, camera, microphone, or honing your people skills.

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3. The virus won't last forever

Fact is the outbreak will end.  People believe in hope.  One way to stay positive is to keep moving forward with life.  If you have a dream to be a visual storyteller then make a college plan to become one.  Apply for film school, start reading books, watching videos online, and start connecting with your future classmates.


4. compass college classes are flexible

Compass College is moving ahead with fall classes and we cannot be more excited.  We are making upgrades to our building to make it the best on-campus learning environment for when students return to campus.  If that date is delayed, we are already up and running with our online classes, and our students have not missed a beat.  Empowering the next generation of visual storytellers is our mission - and we're not taking a break.

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5. compass college is the place for a film degree

If your passion is to create video content, then Compass is the place for you.  Our faculty and staff love teaching the next generation of content creators whether it is in the classroom, on a film set, or remotely on a computer screen.

Our tuition is affordable, our on set experience is unique and extensive, and our commitment to you is 100%. If your dream is to enter the world of visual storytelling, we will help you get there.

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