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To Tell Their Stories on Every Screen in the World.


We are a Michigan-based film college for creators, dreamers, and innovators who want to learn how to tell powerful stories on every screen in the world. Our unique hands-on learning approach will equip you for a future in one of the world's fastest-growing industries. In the end, you won't just own a degree, you'll own the screen.

Gain Hands-On Experience

Gain Hands-On

Learn From Industry Pros

Learn From
Industry Pros

Build Connections

Valuable Connections

The Student

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at life as a Compass student. See a preview of the exciting city and creative people that will inspire you, fuel your imagination and help you develop your craft.

A Tour

Visit a film set, tour the campus, meet our professors, talk to an advisor and experience the creative community for yourself.

How We Measure Success

Graduation Rate
62.5% National Avg. Graduation Rate for Public and Private Schools (NCES, 2015)

Projected Industry Growth Rate
This is 4x the national avg. growth rate of 2.6% (U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 2017)

Initial Employment
74.5% National Avg. Initial Employment for College Grads (Dept. of Labor, 2011)

  • Virtual Reality Growth by 2021 64% 64%
  • Companies Investing in Video for 2018 81% 81%
  • Mobile Video Growth by 2021 66% 66%
  • Online Video Traffic in 2018 83% 83%

* Source: Cisco 2017


Digital video and visual storytelling are changing the way the world works. From learning in the classroom to corporate sales, marketing and training videos, to an array of entertainment choices, career opportunities in a visual world are vast!



Compass College alumni are go-getters, storytellers, and professionals working around the world and outshining the competition. They have a reputation for being hard-working, reliable, creative, servant-hearted employees who know their stuff! We’re proud of our alumni, and we’re excited to see you succeed in the industry as well.

Behind The Scenes

Compass College of Cinematic Arts

Compass College of Cinematic Arts offers Associate of Applied Science degrees in Film and Media Production (in as little as 12-months) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Cinematic and Media Arts (in as little as 3 years). Our programs are accelerated, intense, hands-on and guide students through all steps of the film making process: story creation and production through post-production and distribution. The Associate of Applied Science degree production teaches students the entire filmmaking process - from script to screen. Take classes in Producing, Directing, Screenwriting, Art Direction, Post-Production, Cinematography, and more. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program dives deeper into specific tracks in Story, Executive Producing, Post-Production, and Acting. A mandatory industry internship gives students meaningful real-world experience and prepares them for successful employment in the film and digital media industries. Compass College alumni are making a difference around the world. Join them. To learn more about our programs, visit our website at: www.compass.edu or download a copy of our College Catalog at: www.compass.edu/index.php/programs/college-catalog
Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Compass College of Cinematic Arts2 days ago
2019 Film Showcase
Celebration Cinema
Our students know how to wrap up the school year in style! Check out some fun photos from the red carpet at Film Showcase this year. It was a wonderful night celebrating our student's hard work and seeing their projects on the big screen at Celebration Cinema!

#CCCAshowcase #FilmShowcase #FilmStudents
Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Compass College of Cinematic Arts4 days ago
It's hard to believe it's already been a week since Film Showcase. A special congratulations to Whitney Hemmes for receiving the 2019 Alexie Schneider Memorial Scholarship!

Alexie was a remarkable young lady and her memory will continue to inspire and support upcoming filmmakers. Thank you to the Schneider family for their incredible generosity in honor of their daughter.
Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Compass College of Cinematic Arts1 week ago
Behind-the-scenes footage of the 2019 Capstone Films and TV Sitcom Pilot. In just one semester, students took these projects from scripts to playing on the big screen at Film Showcase.

Congratulations everyone on a job well done!

#CCCAShowcase #FilmShowcase #FilmSchool #CompassCollege #OwnTheScreen #BTS
Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Compass College of Cinematic Arts1 week ago
We loved seeing our student's projects on the big screen yesterday! A big thank you to Celebration Cinema for sponsoring our Film Showcase and for supporting the next generation of filmmakers.

Shout out to Compass alum, Zach Righetti, Digital Content Specialist for Celebration Cinema, for encouraging storytellers and getting everyone hyped for Studio Park!

Celebration Cinema #CCCAShowcase #FilmSchool #CompassCollege #FilmShowcase #OwnTheScreen
Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Compass College of Cinematic Arts2 weeks ago
Our students went from Script to Screen in one semester! Crafting stories from prep to production.

We are eager to see them!

#CompassCollege #FilmSchool #FilmShowcase #FilmStudent #CCCAShowcase #OwnTheScreen
Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Compass College of Cinematic Arts2 weeks ago
Getting excited for Film Showcase this week! We're gearing up to celebrate our students work on the big screen at Celebration Cinema!

#CCCAShowcase #CompassCollege #FilmSchool #CelebrationCinema #ShortFilm #SitcomPilot #FilmShowcase #filmscreening

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