Academic Advising FAQs

How often do students meet for Advising sessions?

The Director of the Center for Excellence will coordinate meetings with each student a minimum of three times per year.

What is the purpose of the quarterly advising sessions?

Advising sessions are held to determine the status of the student in the following areas: 

  • Self-evaluation: How are you succeeding according to your own goals for the semester and the year as a whole?
  • Instructor & Curricular Evaluation: How are the classes going?  Is your instructor successful in increasing your understanding of the subject matter through his or her presentation?  This is important feedback for your instructors and can result in a better classroom experience for all students.
  • Prayer Requests: These requests are shared (ONLY as requested by the student) with the staff and faculty at their weekly meeting so that we can continually lift our student body up in prayer. Requests identified as confidential will not leave the office of the Student Services Coordinator.

Are advising sessions confidential?

Meetings with the Student Services Coordinator are completely confidential. We are always trying to improve our services, instruction, and the program as a whole. As such, some issues raised in advising meetings may be expressed during staff and faculty meetings. Issues raised in this manner, however, will never identify individual students.

Are the quarterly meetings the only time I can meet with the Academic Advisor?

No. During office hours, students are encouraged to have informal advising sessions with the Student Services Coordinator as needed. If the door is open and they are not in a meeting, feel free to stop in.