Academic Advising

At CCCA we believe that every student has extraordinary potential. Many students have no idea what they are capable of until they have taken on the challenge of a year at this school. Part of that challenge is academics, and unlike many other educational institutions, we take an active role in pushing each student beyond what even they think they can accomplish. Compass students do not have the luxury of being able to let one or two classes slide. Every class and every assignment has a purpose, and we have high expectations for the academic success of our students.

The work ethic and discipline required to achieve academic success at CCCA may seem daunting at first, but an Academic Advisor works with individual students to develop work and study schedules, study skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and academic goal setting. The Academic Advisor also connects students with mentors to strengthen their technical skills and provide extra tutoring when needed. Every student is required to meet with the Academic Advisor multiple times during the year in order to ensure strong and consistent communication of academic progress.