Begin Your Career with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

B.F.A.Compass College of Cinematic Arts offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Cinematic and Media Arts, combining an intensive, applied study of the film and media arts creation process with four concentrations: Executive Producing, Writing, Post-production and Acting.  This program is designed for students who are looking to work for a major studio such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Pixar or Paramount, where a bachelor's Degree is required.  It’s also an excellent choice if you are an entrepreneur looking to build your own production company or multimedia business, or work in corporate marketing or multimedia agencies.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program is a minimum of 120 credit hours and starts immediately training students in film and media arts production. You'll start from day one learning the art of narrative storytelling and how to transfer this skill into a screenplay or other forms.  You'll learn producing, equipment, lighting and film aesthetics.  From there, you'll move on to classes focused on pre-production, post-production, cinematography and directing.

If you choose to participate in the acting track, you’ll also get right to work studying different acting techniques and refining your natural skill in classes like Voice and Movement and Acting for the Camera. Plus, you’ll gain hours of on-camera experience as you act in the many film projects being created each semester!

At the end of the semester, you and your fellow classmates will compete to pitch a story to the school studio for the Capstone project.  You'll develop scripts and make bids for positions on the project’s set. Then it’s quiet on the set while the best stories get made into a film. Just like it's done in the real world - real budgets, casting calls and location searches.  After the final wrap, you’ll experience your work in a public film premiere event, where all the projects are reviewed and critiqued.

And that’s just the first year in the B.F.A. program. 
During the next two years, you’ll spend countless hours on film sets, learning and practicing the craft of great storytelling. Depending upon your interests and concentration of study, you'll move into deeper tracks of story, production, post-production, or acting. You will absorb theHow do I apply?FAQsProgram Objectives latest information on ways to reach your audience through writing, marketing and other benchmark business practices while still connected to film projects on campus. Your hands-on training continues, making your skills and talents valuable in any visual media channel.

The program wraps up with an internship for qualifying students. And’s time to begin your new journey as a respected Compass College of Cinematic Arts graduate.  You will have earned it.