About the Program

The Film and Media Production Program

Compass College of Cinematic Arts is unlike any film school in the nation.

We’re small, selective and serious. We’re also fun. At Compass, we look for serious filmmakers and digital arts students who want to feed their passions, students who want to exceed their own expectations. We’re looking for those unique, talented students who will learn how to make an impact, in order to make a difference by creating content and entertainment  that emotionally touches people.  That's when the student becomes the artist.

We choose a maximum of 60 applicants for our program each year. The small class size ensures a balanced teacher/student ratio, and it creates an intimate learning experience.

One of our students wrote on her Facebook© page that “a year doing missionary work in Kyrgyzstan was not as challenging and intense as a year at Compass.” She added that her Compass experience was one of the best educations in her life, an education that managed to include fun along with a fast-paced learning environment.

The program includes three terms and is completed in fourteen months. The experience lasts for life, but more importantly, it gives you the skills, education, confidence and tool set to change your life and make a positive impact within the film and digital arts production industry.

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