Audition for CCCA Films

AUDITION NOTICE :: Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Casting Call:
Senior Thesis Film, Junior Sitcom Pilot

Audition dates:
Thursday, March 16, 2017, from 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Audition location: 
Compass College of Cinematic Arts - 
41 Sheldon Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Production Title: Striking Chords

Senior Thesis Film:
Production is scheduled for late March, Early April. Union/Non-Union. Lead and Supporting Roles will be guaranteed food, footage and fuel. All actors will receive a copy of finished product to add to their reels. Please bring your resume and headshots.

Greg, a washed up musician, teaches Lyla, a cancer patient, how to play the guitar. When Lyla passes away, Greg must overcome his self doubt to win the contest he and Lyla entered.

Greg - (Lead) Late 30's through mid 40's, male. Greg is a washed up musician. He attempted to kickstart his solo career and was met with failure after failure. After some time of trying, he realizes how unfeasible his idea was and settles for being a bartender for Trish. Now, he lives his life just trying to get by, "paying the bills" so to speak.

Lyla - (Lead) 18 - early 20's, female. Lyla is dying from cancer and just wants to live life to the fullest. She wants no one worrying about her, not even those closest to her. She loves music and wants to play the guitar more than anything. This love magnetizes her to Greg as a result. She never gives up, and practically begs Greg to teach her.

Trish - (Supporting) Late 30's female. Trish is Greg's Boss and just wants him to do his job. She has a dominant personality and is very intolerant of Greg's unmotivated behavior. She looks out for her business as her first priority. However, she is a caring person underneath her harsh exterior.

Bob - (Supporting) 40's male. Bob is a real estate agent and Greg's long-time friend. He lets Greg use a room to teach Lyla guitar. His personality is very much a business man, but his friendship with Greg overrides his drive for success.

For more information about auditions or this film, contact the producer: Jason Kreiner ((810) 358-0282/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Production Title: Oakmont P.D.

Junior Sitcom Pilot:
Production will take place April 5th, 6th, & 7th in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan. There will be no pay but will supply you with a digital copy of the film. Travel expenses and accommodations will not be provided. Talent will be fed on set. We are accepting applications from non-union talent only.

Chicago native, ADAM STAFFORD seeks to redeem his police chief-turned-laughingstock of a father by becoming a by the book police officer in the small town of Oakmont, only to discover his new job is as unprofessional as they come.

Adam Stafford (Male - mid 20s) Fresh out of the academy, officer Adam Stafford was born and raised in Southside Chicago. With tough skin and a persistent attitude, he tries to redeem the Stafford name of police officers while also trying to be the best possible cop he can be in a wacky city like Oakmont.

Dustin Largas (Male - early 30s) The lovable goofball of the Oakmont Police Department. Dustin's the paperwork guy whose false confidence can make him come off as loser to the others at the branch. Pathetic people skills, sarcasm fly's over his head, and he truly is the most under qualified yet lovable police officer ever.

Captain Frank Fronson (Male - mid 40s) Captain Frank Fronson is the big, bold, and surprisingly friendly Captain of the Oakmont Police Department. With a stern demeanor and goofy ideologies, Captain proves to be one of the most interesting and unique police captains in all of America.

Tiffany Watson (Female - late 20s) The amazingly talented, strong, and independent detective, Tiffany Watson is in her late 20's and 3rd year here at Oakmont. She grew up in north side Chicago with her 4 brothers. She eventually wants to beat out Jason for the position of Sergeant or even possibly Captain.

Jason Newton (Male - early 30s) The suave, handsome and muscular detective at the Oakmont Police Department. The number one detective here and hopefully going to be promoted to the sergeant of the branch soon. A ditz, but he has no problems and continues to be awesome here in Oakmont.

Quinn Harrison (Female - 18-20 yrs) The young and spunky new tech intern at the Oakmont Police Department. Most of the time she takes care of future ways of surveillance, walkie talkies, and she set up the wifi... so that's cool. She likes to use sarcasm and cooking food.

The Neighbor (25-45yrs) The typical citizen of Oakmont. An easy going, helpful, and friendly person who just tries to help his new neighbor (Adam) move in.

- Hodgkin (18-24 yrs) Leader
- Saragras (18-24 yrs) Head Swordsmen
- Villahame (18-24 yrs) Staff Fighter
- Scalazad (18-24 yrs) Mace Warrior

- The 2nd Neighbor (18-25yrs)
- Mom (Female - 40yrs)
- Radio Voice (20s)
- Mime (Male / mid 20s - 30s)

Auditions will consist of a cold read. If you have any questions please email Jessica Miller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Serious applicants only please.