For Parents

Maybe it began with a crayon. Maybe it started when they borrowed the old video camera.

Since your son or daughter could walk, you may have felt he or she walked to the beat of a different drummer. A creative beat. The stride of an artist. That stride will now take them into the future.

We understand that.

We nurture that. We champion that. We educate the emerging entrepreneurs in new business—the digital business. You may be thinking: "Really? Film school?" Yes, film school. And in this day and time, film school more than ever. Why? Opportunities. Jobs. The future is here. It’s a world of video and entertainment. Video on your mobile device. Video on your multimedia device, this includes what was formally known as a television.

The talent—designers, producers, camera operator, editors, animators and many more are needed and will be in demand as consumers expect entertainment whenever and wherever they want it. Today, it’s all about content. Good content. Compass College of Cinematic Arts is about great content.

But more importantly, we’re all about your son or daughter. We’re about their future, their hopes, desires, goals -- their education. Please take a few minutes to explore this website. You will find information about our Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Cinematic and Media Arts, Associate of Applied Science degree in Film and Media Production, curriculum, staff and faculty, internships, and more. Then, we invite you to visit us with your son or daughter and explore our campus. Talk with our instructors. Chat with our students. Ask as many questions as you'd like. See how we can take the God-given gifts and talents within your son or daughter, and mold them into marketable skills.