Portfolio Requirements

The purpose of the portfolio is to allow the staff and faculty at Compass College to get a sense of who you are and where you are on your journey as an artist. It is meant to show us your creative and artistic talents and to share your experiences with us. Don't be shy. Now is the time to show off your best work!

A complete portfolio should include the following:

1. minimum of two film related items. This can include any films, scripts, treatments, documentaries, music videos, production sketches and/or storyboards, etc.
2. minimum of two non-film related, creative items: This can include photography, painting, sculpture, poetry, creative writing, building, music, or other creative venture.

Please include comments regarding the position you held in each project (i.e. writer, editor, actor, photographer, director, etc.). Each item of your portfolio should also be labeled with your name. The admissions review committee does consider the presentation of the portfolio (hand-written vs. typed, loose papers vs. binder/folder, etc.). 

Note: Please do not include original pieces of artwork or photography, etc. that you desire to have returned to you, as we cannot be responsible for original materials. Instead of original pieces, we invite the applicant to submit film related work on a flash drive or via internet links. Non-film related work (sculpture, paintings, etc.) may be photographed and the photographs may be submitted in place of the original item. Submitting pieces in this way will not effect the outcome of the admission team decision.

Portfolios may be submitted in a variety of ways:

United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or other carrier
All media, including scripts and creative writing, may be submitted on a flash drive.

Note: Please make sure to confirm that all media is on the submitted flash drive and that all flash drives are clearly labeled with the applicant's name. Please also remember that the applicant is required to submit comments regarding the position held on each project. This may be included as a document on the flash drive or on a separate sheet of paper included with the flash drive. 

You may e-mail portfolio materials to the Admissions Office.
Please use .pdf or .jpeg formats and clearly title each document in the following format: lastname_firstname_nameofapplicationcomponent (i.e. Essay, Film Related, etc.)
You may also send us links to online video materials using Vimeo or YouTube.