Compass College is a premier, conservatory-style college that attracts a talented and niche population of students due to our unique Film & Media Production program. Our history, program, and worldwide influence are among some of the reasons students choose CCCA. You can read more about each of those below. Aside from those reasons, many other advantages are waiting for you at Compass College:

1. Quality education at an affordable price.
2. An accelerated program which allows you to earn a degree in as little as 14-months.
3. Instructors are qualified, experienced and dedicated.
4. An entire community is waiting to welcome you into the CCCA family.
5. Compass is located in the heart of the Grand Rapids' arts community.
6. Industry-standard, professional equipment is right at your fingertips.
7. Classes are hands-on and tailored to fit your unique learning style.

What will be your reason for joining the next graduating class at Compass College of Cinematic Arts?

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