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Graduate Spotlight: Elizabeth Kauffman

Elizabeth KauffmanElizabeth is a 19-year old, up-and-coming writer and art director. Elizabeth was born in Australia and currently lives in Los Angeles. Her favorite film is Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and she loves Compass College of Cinematic Arts! In the picture to the left, you'll find Elizabeth working in the art department on the set of a CCCA project. We asked Elizabeth a few questions about her time at CCCA.

CCCA: Why did you decide to attend Compass College?
Elizabeth: I decided to attend CCCA because of its focus on film and story. I also love that it is an accelerated program, which means I can get into the industry sooner!

CCCA: What or who inspired you to pursue filmmaking as a career?
Elizabeth: I was first introduced to the idea of filmmaking when I was a kid watching the behind-the-scenes after each Wishbone episode! When I was 16, I was deep into the theater world and was planning to pursue a career as an actress for film, as well as being an author. My sister made a comment that because I liked writing I should look into the behind-the-scenes of filmmaking. I did. It all kind of spiraled out of control from there!

CCCA: What is the most important thing you've learned at CCCA?
Elizabeth: Ironically, the most important thing that I have learned is not how to make films (though I've learned a lot about that, too!). Over this year, my confidence in who I am and how I relate to the people around me has grown so much. I have been learning how to work in a high-stress production environment and how to keep my moral standards high in an industry that is very "me-centered."

CCCA: What is on the horizon for you? What's next?
Elizabeth: After classes end on campus in August, I will be interning on a feature film - "Twenty Years Later" (by CCCA instructor, Joshua Courtade). After production wraps, I plan to head out to L.A. to finish my internship hours there. After internship, I am praying about moving out to California to get into the industry working in the art department and as a writer.

CCCA: Finally, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Elizabeth: When I grow up I want to write and set decorate feature films that inspire people through tales of truth, fantasies, and dreams. And, I also want to be a pirate princess and sail the high seas, exploring new and distant lands. :)

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your hard work and dedication to yourself, to what you believe in, and to the film and media industry! We're certain you will continue to do great things and we cannot wait to see where you end up. Keep your eyes open - we're certain you'll see Elizabeth's name in a feature film credit soon!

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