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Film and Acting Summer Camps at Compass College

(June 10, 2016) – This June Compass College of Cinematic Arts will open its campus for an action-packed week of filmmaking and acting summer camps.  These fast-paced, hands-on camps give high school students a glimpse into the real world of multimedia production.

film and acting summer camps for High School students in Grand Rapids MichiganBoth camps run June 20-24, and registration is open to teens ages 13-18.  In the film camp, students work with industry professionals and state-of-the art film equipment to write, direct, and edit their own short films.  Meanwhile, students in the acting camp are cast in these films, and spend the week refining their on-camera acting skills.  At the end of the week, the films are screened for friends and family in the theatre at Compass College.

“Film camp was a great first look at the industry,” said John LeFan, former film camper and 2013 Compass College alumnus.  “It’s a great starter program to get your feet wet.  I was immediately hooked.”

The camps are designed for students with little to no film and acting experience. The instructors at Compass College work to make the process fun and as similar to a real-life production set as possible.

“It’s a great opportunity,” said Joshua Courtade, film camp instructor and award-winning screenwriter, “The film students get to collaborate with the acting students and the results are some very fun short films.”

Over the years, campers have had the opportunity to Skype with Hollywood actors and producers like Beau Wirick, Mark Clayman, and Ralph Winter who have worked on the sets of shows like NCIS, The Office, and Arrested Development, and produced feature films like, Pursuit of Happyness, X-Men, and X-Men Origins.

Space in the camps is limited so early registration is recommended.  For more information, call Compass College at 616-988-1000, or visit online at