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Academic Update: Students Present at DO MORE GOOD

Students Present Marketing Plans at 

The students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts marketing course were a little nervous. It was expected.

"A lot of planning goes into something like this," said Compass College faculty member, Les Raebel. Raebel and his marketing students packed into cars and headed out on a field trip, but this wasn't any ordinary field trip. It was a journey into the art of successful pitching.

"Nothing gets done in the production business until someone has made a successful pitch," Raebel shared upon his return from visiting the largest advertising agency in West Michigan, DO MORE GOOD | Hanon McKendry. Raebel's students drove across town to the corporate headquarters of the agency.

And waiting for them was the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Bill McKendry, who is also the founder of Compass College.
"Bill was very gracious with his time and expertise," said Raebel. "My students had to make a pitch to Bill⎯stand up and orally illustrate a marketing business plan for a nonprofit agency. Not only did Bill listen carefully to the students, he gave them a detailed critique of their proposal and the way they pitched it. Bill shared that he thought the presentations were very thorough, and provided details of how plans like these can be carried even further on a social and digital platform."

Whether it is pitching a script to a studio or pitching a creative perspective to produce a television commercial, the art of pitching is truly the art of the deal. Producers, in particular, or anyone in almost any business, need to refine those skills⎯especially in the entertainment and production industry.

BFA student, Brandon Tarleton, said the pitching session was an exercise in building his confidence level. "I really enjoyed doing it and hearing what Mr. McKendry had to say. One thing I learned is, yes, you can impress people with demographics, charts and statistics about algorithms, but if they aren't impressed with you as the presenter ... none of the other stuff matters. You have to learn how to mix confidence, grace and humor, too."

Raebel concurred. "That's what we're teaching. It's all part of the mix. It's extremely important that they learn these skills. We look forward to doing this again!"