The power of a story…

A well-told story has the power to make an impact worldwide — to soften hearts, change minds, and shape cultures. Since 1997 Compass College of Cinematic Arts has been on a mission to equip, train, and empower students to tell compelling stories based on a strong foundation of values and ethics. Each year Compass graduates touch millions of lives through TV shows, movies, commercials, ministries, and by starting new companies.

Media has an undeniable impact on culture. By contributing to Compass College with your financial gift, you will equip storytellers to tell their stories on every screen in the world — advancing wholesome values, on the screen and behind it.

A powerful story is unfolding through Compass College and the world-changing work of our alumni. The question is … what role will you play?

“How to make a film with integrity and how to do it with excellence, I think these qualities are not often taught, except at places like Compass College. They are doing it the right way.”

Ralph Winter
Producer: Star Trek, X-Men Trilogy, Fantastic Four

“Compass set me on a path to figure out who I am as a filmmaker and gave me the tools to go out in the real world and compete with everybody around the world.”

Jarrod Flood
Class of 2014

“It is very unique to me that the students from Compass come, not just with a desire to make films, but a desire to be where God wants them to be.”

Korey Pollard
1st Assistant Director
Nashville, House, Grey’s Anatomy